The Ecology of Dinner explores the stories behind the food we buy, cook and eat. It digs deeper into the biology of growing food, the cultural significance of the ingredients we use, the environmental impacts of producing and transporting food, and takes a look at what happens to the food we throw away.

There are so many aspects of modern food culture to write about. Is organic food really healthier? How might climate change affect food availability and cost? What are heritage grains? Why is diversity important in agriculture?

If you know of a story you think should be told here, please get in touch… sarah.smith@thegardendeli.co.uk. I’m always keen to hear about what’s going on in the food world, and am also open to suggestions for guest posts from bloggers and writers who share my enthusiasm for good food.

I am a gardener, baker and freelance writer. In the past I was an ecologist – investigating the conservation value of farm woodlands and, more recently, modelling the effects of climate change on the distribution of bird species. Now I write, mainly about food and gardens (especially gardens where food is grown). I love that my work has allowed me to talk to some truly amazing people, who produce great food with care and passion. When I’m not writing here at The Ecology of Dinner, I’m happy to take on new writing projects. I have written for a number of magazines and websites, and am an experienced ghost writer. If you’re in need of a writer drop me a line, I’d be more than happy to talk with you. You can read more of my work here.